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Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, and Broward Counties

Sewage Backup & Cleanup

Sewage backup is often the result of a serious water damage event that has occurred in a home or business property. If this is your case call Water Damage Express in Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, and Broward Counties.

We provide 24 hour emergency service in South Florida and are equipped to not only clean up the property, but to restore it to its original condition and healthy environment. 

However, time is critical, so call Water Damage Express now!

Sewage Backup & Cleanup in S. Florida

Biohazard is not only radioactive or hazardous chemical materials. It is also a collection of unwanted and unhealthy materials as a result of flooding and sewage backup. Biohazard is defined as “A risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work.”

Human waste, fluids and matter, for example, once outside the body, are considered biohazard because they contain pathogens (viruses and bacteria) that can cause disease.

Biohazard Waste is:
  • Sewage backup and waste collection
  • Human blood and blood products in liquid or semi-liquid form and everything saturated with it.
  • Human body fluids: Semen, cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, synovial fluid, pericardial fluid, saliva etc.
  • Pathological waste: human tissue, organs, and body parts.
  • Microbiological waste: laboratory waste such as discarded specimen cultures, blood and body fluids in lab containers, results of cultures etc.
  • Animal Waste: carcasses, body parts and any bedding materials
  • Sharp waste: Medical needles, syringes and lancets.
Water Damage Express professionals are trained in accordance with OSHA and other health regulations to safely clean and remove biohazardous materials and discard them properly.

Water Damage Express is equipped with all the necessary cleaning products and safety equipment to transform any hazardous scene back to fresh, clean, safe houses and office buildings.

To assure a proper removal of any sewage backup and waste  to contribute to a safe and healthy habitat or setting - Call Water Damage Express at any of our 3 locations, because we know exposure to chemical and biological contaminants poses serious results!

What Will Water Damage Express Sewage Cleanup Do?
  • We are available for sewage cleanup emergencies 24/7 and deal with your needs in a professional and quick manner.
  • We will pack all the waste in clearly marked bags.
  • We will clean and disinfect the area.
  • We will transport the waste according to regulations.
  • We will dispose of the waste in a designated area.
  • We will clean the air, eliminate the smell when odors are present.
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  6. Certified in Water/Fire/Mold
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“Highly recommend to all high-rise condominium. Super fast response and very professional knew what they where doing”

– Marlon G

“I had a water damage at my apartment and this company responded and arrived to my property very quickly. Very professional and knew what they where doing. I will recommend them with my eyes closed.”

– Miguel R

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Certified Restoration Florida
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