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Water/Fire/Mold/Damage Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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At WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS we are licensed and insured to handle all commercial and residential restoration. Give us a call today for an estimate!

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At WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS we take pride in what we do. Our job is to help you rebuild after you are faced with a disaster. We know that by the time you call us, you have been through a lot already. That is why we make it our mission to make the restoration process as stress-free as possible for you. Our company provides damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties throughout Southeast, FL. We are your locally owned and certified restoration provider.

Total loss of a shoe store in Martin County due to a fire started from a combustible can of industrial glue. Water Damage Express was on the scene to help secure the site by boarding up the property and conducting a partial clean-out.
Certified To Work With All Insurances

Why choose WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS as your water cleanup company?

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Water-Fire-Mold Damage
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Water Damage Florida

Water Damage in Florida May Happen More Frequently
Due to Florida’s geographic location, its residents may experience a higher occurrence of water damaging-events as compared to other areas of the country, but the method for remediating that damage is no different. You should still hire professional contractors, and the most important aspects of water damage remediation are still to dry the area out as thoroughly as possible and have professionals begin work on it as quickly as possible.

Handling water damage in Florida is similar to handling water damage in any other state. While water damage-causing events may occur more frequently and because of other means—such as natural disasters—restoring water damage in Florida is the same as that in any other state. Hire a professional water damage restoration company to address your concerns, begin work immediately, and be sure to dry the area out as thoroughly as possible. For more information about restoring or mitigating water damage in Florida.

CALL Water Damage Express your professional restoration company.

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Can water damage occur where I Live in Fort Lauderdale?

You might want to ask yourself if it ever rains in your town or city; or if the property you own has plumbing lines. Unless you live out in the middle of the desert, you are certainly always at risk of experiencing some type of water damage Fort Lauderdale to your home or place of business. Water can be equally as disastrous as fire; there is no difference when every item you own can be destroyed beyond recognition. Unfortunately, as is the case with a fire having engulfed an entire property, restoration of water damaged facilities is just as difficult to perform, if not impossible (often the case).

Water damage Fort Lauderdale, is obviously a matter that should be taken seriously. It occurs far more often than people may think. Statistics published by the U.S. Fire Administration indicate an average of approximately one and half million fires occur each year in the United States, resulting in losses of about 11 billion dollars. It can be said that all homeowners have experienced loss due to water damage Fort Lauderdale, meaning a lot more cases than fires, and generally a much more costly situation overall. One can easily determine that water damage cleaning services are called out to locations more often than the fire department. What may seem mind-boggling is that if the water wasn’t from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or flooding of river or lake, over 90% of them could have been prevented by taking precautionary measures.

Don’t let your guard down. A small drip from a leaking pipe in your home could, over time, collapse the house. You can prevent water damage by conducting a thorough check of pipes, hoses from appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines, roof shingles, air conditioning insulation, drains, and rain gutters. You will surely be far more satisfied with having saved your lifetime personal items than filing a claim with the insurance company for money that can’t replace those sentimental possessions. That is, if you are covered.

CALL Water Damage Express 
your professional restoration company.
FREE Thermal Imaging for hidden water behind walls!
  1. FREE leak detection with a Flir Infared Camera - a $295.00 value!
  2. Don't let other companies open up your walls to check for water damage, let Water Damage Express do our Thermal Imaging for Free!

Water Damage Removal

When it comes to water damage and flood cleanup and restoration services, no one does it better than us. We have teams standing by around the clock to take your call and dispatch teams at a moments notice.

Fire Damage & Removal

If your home or business has fallen victim to fire damage, we can help you restore it back to its original state. Our team has dealt with countless fire damaged homes and are prepared to put their skills to work when called upon.

Mold Damage Removal

If you have elevated levels of mold in your home or business, hiring our professional team will help ensure the problem is handled correctly. Indoor mold damage can be harmful to one's health and must be handled properly.

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IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Carpet water damage is inevitable after a fire or flood in your home, and you require the skills and experience of a professional water damage restoration contractor to remove water damage from carpet and restore your home to its former state. Since you should hire a professional restoration company after a flood anyway, let them address water-damaged carpets while you focus on other matters such as insurance. For more information about removing water damage from carpet, contact a local restoration company.
Water Damage in South Florida

Sources of water damage in your home or business include:
  • Heavy rains through a leak in your roof
  • Failing appliances or supply lines to appliances such as toilets, washing machines, dishwashers or ice makers
  • A water pipe leak hidden behind a wall
  • Major fire extinguishing efforts
  • A slab leak in your foundation
Hidden water damage can promote mold growth
Some areas can include:

Carpet padding; Drywall; Under wood and tile flooring; Cabinetry and framing; inside of wall cavities; Crawl spaces; Under bathtubs and shower enclosures; Ceilings

Water Damage Express rescues homeowner from severe Water Damage.

What To Do When You Find Mold And Mildew!

Professionals should always be contacted if the mold or mildew contamination covers at least 10 square feet of material. It is usually impossible to contain the fungi without professional intervention. It is wise to CALL WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS, even if the contamination only covers a small area. The longer it takes to remove the mold or mildew contamination, more expensive the problem will become and the further it will spread. 

What should a home or business owner do when they spot mold and mildew?

Both  mold and mildew can signal that there are serious problems in the home in regards to excess moisture, and if the  mold and mildew aren’t eliminated right away, the contamination may spread. Fungal contamination is a common problem in humid areas, but it can emerge in any building where there are moisture infiltration issues, dampness  or plumbing problems. 

If the  mold/mildew problem is caught very early, it may be possible to remove the contamination before it spreads, but in most cases, a home or business owner will need to bring in professionals to properly deal with the contamination.

As soon as you realize you have mildew or mold, 
call Water Damage Express 954-289-3166

What to do when you have Water/Fire/Mold Damage Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Water removal Pompano Beach FL
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When disaster strikes your home or business, it can be hard to know where to turn. During this time of high anxiety, count on our services at  WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS to get your home or business back to normal. We are licensed and insured to deal with a broad range of residential and commercial restoration jobs. For us, no job is too big or too small. We are fully certified to provide water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, flood damage restoration, and mold removal and remediation.
When you choose our damage restoration service you have selected a company that cares. We offer direct billing to your insurance company in order to minimize the stress on you and expedite the restoration process. At  WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS  we are always there when you need us, and we have someone on hand 24/7 because we know that disaster can strike at any time. If you are in need of residential or commercial water damage  restoration services, please give us a call today. We're ready to help! 
Call Broward County/Fort Lauderdale Office 954-289-3166!

Call Water Damage Express when you find leaks, 
let them rescue you from Water Damage!

Leaks Found Before Water Damage

These leak detectors warn you of a leak before it becomes a flood. Water damage is one of the most common and costliest problems affecting homes. Even a small amount of water can cause serious damage to your home. 

Just place leak detectors where you want them, a loud alarm (100dB) will sound for up to 24 hours.
  • Use by water heater, sink cabinet, boiler, sump pump, washing machine, toilet, radiators and more
  • Internal battery lasts up to 3 years—then replace entire unit
Place the water leak alarm throughout your home in hard-to-see areas: 
  • around toilet bases; 
  • under sinks;
  •  behind dishwashers, 
  • refrigerators and washing machines; 
  • and by water heaters 
  • and sump pumps.

Gadgets Help You Learn About a Leak Before It Does Damage

Water damage Palm Springs is the number one cause of loss for homeowner insurance claims. This is because water can easily escape the plumbing system, leak through the roof, or come from other sources like faulty appliances or floods caused by storms. Even a small amount of water can heavily damage walls, ceilings, floors or other contents in the home.

One efficient solution to averting water damage in homes is installing water leak detectors (or sensors). Older or simpler water leak detectors emit an alarm when they detect water, but these have a disadvantage — you must be at home to hear the alarm and take action to prevent water damage.

However, in recent years, water leak detectors have become smarter and will notify you by text message when unwanted water or moisture is detected in your home. Some of these gadgets will even automatically shut off the water supply just in time to prevent severe water damage Tampa.

Smart leak detection systems comprise several small moisture/leak sensors that you can place near areas that are more prone to water damage: on sump pumps, near water-bearing fixtures, and behind or beneath pipes. Because they run on batteries, you can place smart leak detectors almost anywhere a water problem might occur.

Higher-end leak detectors have an option to set a minimum amount of water before an alert is triggered. This helps you learn only about water incidents that can potentially cause damage, excluding small spills. An additional feature of smart leak detectors is monitoring the temperature variations in the home — if there’s an unexpected change in temperature, the device will send alerts.

Most smart leak detectors on the market are integrated into smart home systems. Such systems include a central hub that connects to the Internet, an app, as well as a variety of smart devices that you can add, such as leak detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, thermostats and motion sensors. The hub communicates with all connected products and allows you to monitor and control them from the app.

The installation of independent leak detectors is simple and doesn’t require special tools. However, installing a smart home system with leak detection gadgets may require the services of a specialist. To make sure the detectors work properly throughout the year, check the batteries and power sources regularly.

Saving Personal Belongings From Water Damage

We like to discuss with our clients how and what they can save from a water damage disaster. Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to this question. Every water damage disaster is unique in some sense so what can be saved is really a case by case basis. However, we’d like to offer guidelines so people can attempt to make the best decision possible.

Water Type
Determining whether the water that damaged your personal belongings is clean or contaminated is  a big factor in whether or not it can be salvaged. Obviously when you are dealing with clean water, the chance that you can salvage it is better. It might be possible to restore something that is damaged by contaminated water, but it is more than likely not worth the health risk it brings. You should replace it.

Time Saturated
The longer the item sits in water, the more saturated they become. It is more difficult to restore an item if it becomes saturated with water.
The perfect example of this is wooden furniture. It takes quite a fit of time for it to really absorb and become completely water logged. You should get personal belongings out of the standing water right away and begin to dry them, you have a better chance of saving the item.

Replacement Cost
Water damage restoration of personal belongings is no different than any other type of repair. You will always want to evaluate how much it is going to cost to repair something versus simply replacing it. Is the item you want to save really worth paying a professional to do work on? Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

You should also take into account that paying for restoration does not guarantee your item will be returned to its original state. If that’s the case you’ll have to replace the item anyways.

If you are unsure about whether or not one of your items could be salvaged, it is best that you get it analyzed by a professional. If you hire a water damage restoration company to handle a dry out of a property they will be able to assist you in assessing damage to personal belongings as well. 

CALL WATER DAMAGE EXPRESS about this topic, 
at 561-295-8115.
Water removal Pompano Beach FL

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